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Hopefully I have been informative here. With the expense of location, photographers, and all other vendors involved, I truly want to see you get the most out of your afternoon or evening. This is your event. Enjoy it! Leave the rest to me.
When you call, I typically like to set up a time and place to meet, mutually convenient to us both. Getting to know the client helps me better design the music and special touches. Second and third meetings are always welcome if needed, in the designing process. E-mail is always available for communicating
small changes along the way.
Only once. In most wedding and special celebrations, the occasion may only happen once in a lifetime. Guests and family will always remember the time they had. When trusting this moment and occasion to an inexpensive, budget Dj, there is a good chance his people and professional skills are lacking. Anyone can boast good music. It is Presentation and Delivery experience that will make your occasion memorable, not forgettable.
Wedding Reception and Party Package quotes begin at $800. Your quote will depend on number of hours requested, day of week, travel distance, Video Visuals, etc.. Budgets are always taken into consideration. Discounts periodically apply for weeknight events. Most party and lighting effects are often included in the pricing.
Please call for details and a personal quote.
Vendor Referral
No matter what amount you spend with a vendor, always be wary if they don’t personally meet with you at first. Over the years, I have come to work with and know many vendors in Hampton Roads. If you are still searching for the right location, caterer, or photographer, I will be happy to direct you.
Having us Both
Launa and I are often both available and present together at party and wedding events. For large events, where my attention truly needs to be more with the music, Launa effortlessly performs the duties as I would, of an attentive, energetic, and reliable host. Her flawless ability to help host and work with the clients comes from years of work with her family of entertainers.
We both look forward to working with you.  
Patrick Byrd
Pro Dj and Event Host
Virginia Beach, VA
(757) 650-4510 
Wedding and Holiday event dates are often reserved
6-9 months in advance. Be sure to book early!
To request more information and date availability
I should be in touch with you within 48 hours
To learn more about having Launa as your Wedding Chaplain,
Thank you for viewing my site.
I hope to hear from you soon!
For Personal References on our Wedding
and Corporate Event Service,
feel free to make contact with...
The BEST in Wedding Photography
Michael and Marian Linett
(757) 498-0205
The Virginia VFW
Virginia Veterans of Foreign Wars
Kim Deshano
(540) 886-8112 
The March of Dimes
(757) 361-0000
Patrick and Launa proudly support the
March of Dimes
Every year, we help host Walk-a-Thon events
that fundraise for continued research
towards premature births.
Click above to get involved!

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