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I am Patrick Byrd
Congratulations! The Event you are celebrating is no doubt a special one. From the vendors you are choosing to the venue location and time of year, you are designing your heart’s wish. The day finally comes, with endless details to manage, perhaps with the catering, champagne toast, cake, photographers, and much more. Because of problems that can arise, I have seen many times how bridal or anniversary couples are often unable to truly enjoy
the costly evening…
Having the right Host makes all the difference.
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Simple Disc Jockeys focus only on the music.
An Event Host will help you design the perfect evening, and manage these details on the night of. He will lead and musically entertain the audience throughout the event. The focus of the night is on you. The Event Host is simply your guide. He is attentive to your guests, knowledgeable about the music, in communication with the banquet staff, and is a warm personality
for the evening. That is what I do….
   About Me
20 years ago, I began performing as a Broadcast Dj. Radio became the unique art of talking openly to an audience you could not see. In the nightclub circuit for several years afterwards, I learned more about traditional and high-energy music mixing. From the Hoppin’ 50’s to Disco 70’s, to the Club Sounds of the 90’s, I found the music that made people move! Each night was different: the mood, energy level, and musical interest of the audience. To be successful with clubs and audiences, you must be VERSATILE!  Versatility became a part of me as I began Mobile Dj and
Event Host work in 1998.
At Wedding Receptions and Private Events, many factors play into a successful evening the client is paying for. A well guided photographer, timeliness of banquet staff, preparation of toasts, cueing speakers and presenters, are just a few important parts of the night. Over the years, I often watched these things
unfold not so well…
I knew my work needed to grow beyond the music. With every event, I began to understand the needs of the client, ways to design and arrange special presentations, and even how to build in soft background music that highlights special moments. The more I personally arranged and guided the event, the more the client or wedding couple could sit back, relax, and truly enjoy  the evening spotlight.
Today, I am here for you as a versatile and experienced Disc Jockey, and as an Event Host. As your Host, I will work with the audience, special guests of honor, vendors, venue staff, and of course the Bride and Groom, to get the most from the evening celebration! Whether a quiet group of 25 or energetic crowd of 250, you want your family and friends to have a great time.
So do I …
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